About Me:



My name is Laura and I am a cake artist.


Always a talented baker; I was intrigued by the combination of baking and artistry that cake decorating involves and the incredible things that are possible with sugar.

I began making specialty cakes and pushing the limits of what I know about this delicious food and curiosity quickly became passion!


Cake is food and food should taste good!

My mission with Laura's Cake Design is all about cakes that taste as good as they look.

My cakes are made fresh and always right before your party so they are sure to be not only beautiful but delicious!

I specialize in cake and cupcake DESIGN,

cakes that are custom made to your specifications which are discussed at time of booking.


 I am not a bakery but I can accommodate a good range of cake flavors and fillings.

As for what's on the outside? The possibilities are endless :)



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