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I have added this page so you can see some of the reviews that I have recieved so far. I have done this because, at present, the only way a customer can leave feedback is via Facebook, E-mail or Text.

If you are a customer that doesn't have access to social media then you won't be able to see my FaceBook page so this section of my website is for you :)

I want you to feel confident ordering from me and see that I have many happy customers!  


Facebook Feedback:



Alexandra Profis Nostramo - ‎Laura's Cake Design

July 21 at 2:26pm · 

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with Nicholas's cake. It was beautiful and delicious. You were an absolute pleasure to work with; very creative and accommodating. Thank you for making his first birthday so memorial and being a part of his special day. I will use you over and over again for EVERY occasion.



Grace C. Scutro - ‎Laura's Cake Design

June 28 at 8:13pm · 

Thanks for the beautiful cake Laura! Everyone at the shower absolutely loved it, especially the bride 👍




Kristyne Scotto - ‎Laura's Cake Design

February 28 · New York, NY · 


Awesome job in the cake my friends loves it & thanks you again for helping out in a short period ..
She will def keep you in mind for up coming events .. I'm happy she's happy & I thank you again ..
Your the best ! When she send me pictures I will post them



Kristyne Scotto - ‎Laura's Cake Design

March 1 · New York, NY 


He was amazed by the cake




    Mahira Asif Salvaggio - Laura's Cake Design


  •  The cake was PERFECT! Thanks Laura, you're awesome!

  • Amna would agree

  • June 7 at 6:53pm


    • Amna Samad Khalil:

    •  Yes, I agree!! The cake was absolutely amazing. Loved every little detail about it. And it tasted sooo good. Thank you so much for this amazing cake!!

    • June 7 at 2:54pm


Collins Okon - Laura's Cake Design 

This is our cake. Thank you Laura This cake was amazing, you made it exactly how Penny Angel wanted it. Our guests loved the look and the taste. Thank you so much for doing what you do. 
Much love to Laura's Cake Design ..Collins and Penny wedding 5.15.15

May 21 at 11:35am




Katie Bishop - Laura's Cake Design 

I just wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL this cake was! Everyone couldn't stop talking about how amazing it looked and tasted! If anyone out there is thinking about ordering a cake from Laura, order the spice cake with caramel buttercream! Delicious!!! Thank you Laura!

May 2 at 5:36pm



Jenifer Cuccia Lemon - Laura's Cake Design  

Excellent cake...was outstanding to eat

April 27 at 9:27pm



Anne Contino Dunn - Laura's Cake Design

Thank you Laura! It was as delicious as it was beautiful!

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Patricia Dicce Della Valle - Laura's Cake Design

Beautiful cake & delicious!! 

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Christine DeFonte Schiumo - Laura's Cake Design 

Cake was excellent !!!

April 12 at 10:50am



Danise Vittiburga Mena - Laura's Cake Design

 It was delicious Laura!

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Kathlleen Felicetta - Laura's Cake Design

Gorgeous just like my sweet 16 girl friend

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Laura's Cake Design Feedback from customer via email:
Sharon Malave Sat, Apr 11, 2015 at 9:21 AM
To: Lauras Cake Design <>
Good morning Laura. That cake was amazing. Got everyone's attention. Thank you again.



Heather Jacobson Barksdale - Laura's Cake Design

The cake was amazing!! So tasty!! I got so many compliments in it. Thank you so much

February 15 at 6:29pm 



Mo Harmony - Laura's Cake Design

Oh my goodness!!! That's amazingly gorgeous!!!

I now know who I'm getting my cakes from for life!!!!

February 16 at 3:33pm 


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